The Bank That Gives

Welcome to The Giving Bank – Where a single act of kindness can change countless lives.

At The Giving Bank, our mission is to inspire and empower societies to embrace charity as an integral part of their daily lives. We firmly believe in the power of even the smallest gestures, for if you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one. Every act of generosity matters.

With us, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact through simple, regular contributions. Whether it’s a daily or monthly donation, your support has the potential to touch thousands of lives. Join us in our mission to create a world where compassion and giving know no bounds. Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time.

Healthy Food

We believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental right. Our food drives, community gardens, and nutrition education programs ensure that vulnerable communities have access to healthy meals for a better quality of life.


Empowering individuals through education is at the heart of our mission. We offer scholarships, school meal programs, and infrastructure support to improve learning opportunities and break the cycle of poverty.


We provide essential medical assistance to those in need. Our medical initiatives aim to enhance healthcare access, facilitate medical missions, and support disadvantaged communities in times of illness and emergencies.

Pure Water

Clean water is a basic necessity for all. Through our pure water initiatives, we establish water purification systems and projects to ensure safe drinking water, promoting better health and sanitation.

Love & Care

Our love and care initiatives emphasize empathy and emotional support. We extend a helping hand to those facing emotional hardships, fostering a compassionate and caring community.

Travel Activities

Exploring the world can broaden horizons and enrich lives. We organize travel activities for disadvantaged individuals, creating opportunities for personal growth, learning, and enjoyment.

Building Bridges of Hope

Health for All

Bringing Healing and Hope: At The Giving Bank, we believe in the power of good health to transform lives. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide essential healthcare services and resources to underprivileged communities, ensuring they have access to medical care and a chance at a healthier future.

Education for Empowerment

Unlocking Potential, Building Dreams: Education is the cornerstone of progress, and we are committed to empowering individuals through knowledge. By providing educational opportunities, scholarships, and learning resources, we strive to break the barriers of poverty and empower the next generation for a brighter tomorrow.


At the Giving Bank, we firmly believe that a single act of kindness has the power to change countless lives. We are committed to making a positive impact on communities around the world. Explore our ongoing humanitarian efforts in various countries, where we strive to bring hope, support, and positive change.
Discover the breadth of our ongoing humanitarian efforts across the globe. In every corner of the world, we have embarked on journeys of compassion and support, striving to bring not just immediate relief but sustainable, lasting change to the lives we touch.

Our Gallery

Our momentious giving achievements. Giving with lasting memories.


The Giving Banks empower with love. 100 scholarships worth RM2.24 million for Batang Lupar youth after SPM, thanks to Optopreneur College, Dr. Janson Ang, Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Parliament P.201, and YB Dato Sri Rohani.
Brandon Kor
Thank you Dr Janson And The Giving Bank for your kindness, love and care to help the needy and poor. What you’ve done are commendable! You have inspired and set fantastic example for all to follow suit. Bravo!
Stewart Ng
The Giving Bank's ceaseless giving impacts lives in communities. Keep up the good work, blessing the less privileged! Your dedication creates a positive difference.
Ang Bee Tin
Its amazing what this organization is doing! Keep up the group work and keep changing the world for the better! Lets all be apart of this amazing cause!
John Fong
Great team of passionate people helping the Malaysian community! Thank you for your assistance to Uncle Cheng!
Lee siew Yian
Great initiative! Great example! Definitely a truly Malaysian multi-racial spirit charity organisation. Giving out based on needs, instead of religion and race. Hence I find no reason why not to donate giving bank.
Chris Goh Su Hong