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The Giving Bank Organisation was established in 2016, as a Malaysian-owned NGO. We aim to extend our reach, both locally and internationally for humanitarian causes and relief.

The team behind the organization is fully dedicated to working with children, adults and families to overcome extreme poverty and injustice. We work to promote human transformation, seek justice for the oppressed and assist in post-disaster recovery for people across all religions, races, ethnicities and genders.

The Giving Bank is built on a foundation and believes in serving the 3 main pillars namely: 



Humanity Culture



The Giving Bank Organization is wholeheartedly committed to collaborating with children, adults, and families in their efforts to overcome the harsh realities of extreme poverty and injustice. Our primary mission revolves around fostering human transformation, advocating for the oppressed, and providing aid during post-disaster recovery for individuals of diverse religions, races, ethnicities, and genders.


The Giving Bank Organisation is an online fundraising platform where people can pledge their support or contributions. We come bearing a good story or project cause for you to fund. In order for us to provide necessary assets to the deserving. We plan to stay in the market for long and to achieve that, we believe there is no way other than keeping our integrity and honesty as our core values. Every project is a story for us to tell and share. Every cause is carefully picked and selected through a very tight screening process and due dilligence before it is taken on for public funding. Our system is built to make transactions easy with efficient and detailed post completion reporting.


At The Giving Bank, we firmly believe that even if you can’t feed a hundred people, making a difference in just one person’s life matters. Our mission is to inspire societies to embrace charity as a part of their daily routine. Whether it’s a small contribution on a daily or monthly basis, your support can have a significant impact, touching the lives of thousands in need. Together, we can create positive change and bring hope to those less fortunate.

Together, let’s build a compassionate and caring world where every act of giving brings us closer to a brighter future for all.


At The Giving Bank, we harness the potential of technology to bridge the gap between people and charities. Serving as an online fundraising platform, our mission is to make support as accessible as a simple click of a mouse. Through crowdfunding, we gather funds that are then distributed to essential NGOs, NPOs, Charities, Providers, and individuals in need. Our purpose is clear: to extend love, care, assistance, and guidance to those who require it the most, driven solely by the intention to serve for the betterment of humanity.


At the Giving Bank, we firmly believe that a single act of kindness has the power to change countless lives. We are committed to making a positive impact on communities around the world. Explore our ongoing humanitarian efforts in various countries, where we strive to bring hope, support, and positive change.
Discover the breadth of our ongoing humanitarian efforts across the globe. In every corner of the world, we have embarked on journeys of compassion and support, striving to bring not just immediate relief but sustainable, lasting change to the lives we touch.

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The Giving Banks empower with love. 100 scholarships worth RM2.24 million for Batang Lupar youth after SPM, thanks to Optopreneur College, Dr. Janson Ang, Pusat Khidmat Wakil Rakyat Parliament P.201, and YB Dato Sri Rohani.
Brandon Kor
Thank you Dr Janson And The Giving Bank for your kindness, love and care to help the needy and poor. What you’ve done are commendable! You have inspired and set fantastic example for all to follow suit. Bravo!
Stewart Ng
The Giving Bank's ceaseless giving impacts lives in communities. Keep up the good work, blessing the less privileged! Your dedication creates a positive difference.
Ang Bee Tin
Its amazing what this organization is doing! Keep up the group work and keep changing the world for the better! Lets all be apart of this amazing cause!
John Fong
Great team of passionate people helping the Malaysian community! Thank you for your assistance to Uncle Cheng!
Lee siew Yian
Great initiative! Great example! Definitely a truly Malaysian multi-racial spirit charity organisation. Giving out based on needs, instead of religion and race. Hence I find no reason why not to donate giving bank.
Chris Goh Su Hong
This organization emphasizes the significance of giving back to society to empower the less fortunate. Their support enables those they help to engage confidently with the world and fearlessly overcome challenges. A growing organization with boundless determination. Thank you 🙂
Adrian Gan
I support The Giving Bank organization by donating to their campaigns and encourage others to contribute too. They are transparent, efficient, and trustworthy, making them an excellent charity crowdfunding platform. I highly recommend supporting TGB!
Jennifer Liew
Such an awesome organisation! Keep up the good work helping people out there who needed and also influence how important we should give back to the society. Learn how to give instead of take
Mei Teang