Bringing Better Vision

Bringing Better Vision

On the 11th June 2018 @ 230pm, The Giving Bank, Eagleprenuers Connect, Optical 68C and Sejiwa Malaysia visited an orphan home in PDK Selayang. The home hosts up to 180 children. These children are either abandoned, tortured, abused, and some parents have even passed-on leaving the children behind. Apart from the above, there are also some children who are disabled (OKU), and some suffering from mental challenges and down syndrome.

The purpose of this visitation is not only to provide the orphan home with some monthly use items but also to help the children see better; Bringing a better vision to the needy society.

During the screening of all 180 children, we found out that 34 of them is suffering from either short/far sighted which resulting needing spectacles. Out of the 34 children, 2 of them were found to have a more serious and critical eye condition.

The breakdown of these 34 as follows :

32 children x RM68 (includes frame and lens) : RM2,176.00

1 children x RM168 (includes frame and lens) : RM168.00

1 children x RM618 (includes frame and lens) : RM618.00

We also plan to provide some monthly use items to the orphan homes so it can benefit all the children and guardians. We are budgeting for RM550.00

Hence the total amount needed for this project will be RM3,512.00

All amount is given based on the agreed "COST PRICE" with no profit margins from our optician partner.

We hope everyone of you will help by supporting and pledging your donation with us. Together we can help the children in need. All donors will be given an official receipt and also a closure report upon project activation. Both receipt and report will be provided via email.

The target "Give Out" date to all the 34 needed children and the home is confirmed to be held on the 7th July 2018.

God bless all of you for being kind angels !

Starting Date
Thu, 14 Jun 2018
Ending Date
Mon, 6 Aug 2018