Cheng Yew Moua

Cheng Yew Moua

Urgent Help Needed for Uncle Cheng's survival.

Uncle Cheng Yew Moua, a malaysian aged 57 residing in Kuala Selangor.

He has an adopted daughter aged 12 which is still schooling.

His wife has passed on in 2016, leaving him and his adopted daughter alone.

Uncle Cheng is a Kidney Failure patient and he is not able to work due to critical illness.

Aside to the recent detection of his kidney failure, Uncle Cheng was admited to the hospital in January 2016, In December 2016 he had both his eye operated. In March 2017 he had a problem with his heart having to undergo a bypass. 

All his personal savings has been used for treatment and he needed assistance to continue his treatment.

Kidney Failure Dialysis + Medications : RM150.00

Transportation : RM25.00

The calculation entiles as : RM175.00 x 3 times a week x 4 : RM2,100.00 (a month)

We would like to support Uncle Cheng for 4 months which makes up to a total of RM8,400.00 whilst Uncle Cheng is working very hard in selling off his Low-Cost house. Giving him a breather space of 4 months ; having this period to sell his house, he would be able to continue sustaining the treatment for another 3 years.

We hope all of you can contribute to this campaign regardless the donation amount as we believe that charity comes from a sincere heart. Please help share the campaign too !

All donations will be acknowledged. The donors will be getting an automated official receipt and also a closure report once the activation is completed.

God Bless all of you !

**NOTE as of 16th May 2018**

Thank you to all the supportive donors of Uncle Cheng. Because of you, we have achieved our initial campaign target to helped Uncle Cheng for 4 months. However, the campaign is still active and if there are any kind individuals out there who would still like to support, you may continue to make the donations here. At the end of the day, the more money we raised, is the more money we give. This would only help and give Uncle Cheng a longer support period to fight through the rough time. -TheGivingBank-

Starting Date
Mon, 14 May 2018
Ending Date
Thu, 14 Jun 2018