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Christmas Give Away

Christmas Give Away

Xmas is just around the corner ! Jingles is played, laughter and happiness is everywhere. Joy is made and love is merged. We called them Ho-Ho-Ho !  The Giving Bank is out for 2 Hospital mainly Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital University of Malaya giving toys to the sickly kids in the wards. Painful they are, sickly they are and sadden they are. Our intentions is to give happiness to the kids whom will be spending their Christmas in the ward and to give motivations to them for their speedy recovery. We have given out 300 toys to 300 children's in both the sessions.  How Awe-Some ! The act were good and it is very well accepted for. The kids were happy and excited as we can see the big smiles in thier face. The parents were touched. The nurses and doctors of HKL & UM are helpful and very pleasant. Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. And this is exactly the same spirit that we uphold in The Giving Bank too. Stay happy and have a rocking Xmas ! Santa loves you.

Starting Date
Fri, 11 Nov 2016
Ending Date
Wed, 21 Dec 2016