Douglas Hyams

Douglas Hyams

Douglas is in need of help. We have done our due diligence and we find it very deserving to help.

Mother by the name of Sylvia passed on at the age of 88 y/o due to Anorectal Cancer.

Brother by the name of Peter passed on at the age of 22 due to Cerebral Palsy dies of lung infection.

Sister by the name of Elizabeth got hit by a stroke making her half paralyzed on the (left), aged 67. Elizabeth was also diagnosed with Parathyroid Tumor two weeks ago.

And little girl Sharlene which is suffering from Down Syndrome.

Having said, Douglas has no choice but to quit his full-time job because he needs to take care of the sister Elizabeth and Sharlene on a full time basis. The Giving Bank is currently in the progress to find him some part time jobs that allows him to work from home. Douglas is currently relying on Socso of RM666.40 per month and RM300.00 from Social Welfare.

With only RM966.40, Douglas can hardly pull through having a small home to pay, utilities, bills, foods, and worst having expensive medications expenses to cater for both Elizabeth and Sharlene.

We hope you can support Douglas's family giving him a few months of breather space whilst he is finding a part-time job that allows him to work from home.

God Bless You for the kind support.

Starting Date
Thu, 21 Feb 2019
Ending Date
Sat, 30 Mar 2019