Help Harun's Children

Help Harun's Children

It is sad when you want to go school, but you can't.

Parents passed away and the 7 children were left behind. The children are leaving in a wooden house in Pitas, Sabah. Also known as one of the poorest division in Sabah.

1. Fraseca Harun

2. Jeckerysonlee Harun

3. Velintina Binti Harun

4. Mick's Lee Bin Harun

5. Martina Harun

6. Stefflin Harun

7. Neckodirgo Harun

They are currently surviving based on government aid of RM450 per month. This RM450 is shared among all 7 of them. Now that school is going to re-open soon in January, they needed help with thier school uniforms, shoes, bags, equipments and supplies. The school has been very helpful and had given them fees exemption, but they have to prepare the rest themselves.

School Uniforms x 2 pairs each

School Shoes x 1 pair each

School Bags x 1 unit each


Books and Other Related items

The Giving Bank received the case and is currently taking effort in raising funds for them. We hope you can support us in this fundraising campaign so these 7 children can go school and grow up to be a better person and be useful to the society. God bless you.


Starting Date
Sun, 24 Dec 2017
Ending Date
Mon, 1 Jan 2018