Help Save Joelle

Help Save Joelle

Parents of a one-year-old child is desperately seeking to raise funds for the toddler’s crucial heart operation.

Joelle Lo Rene has severe mitral regurgitation in the heart – a leakage in one of the valve – which needs to be repaired to improve her cardiac function. Its also known as HRHS.

Joelle has undergone two operations after she was born and now in need of an emergency operation after her condition worsened last month.

Father, Lo Chee Hong said Joelle has been an active and healthy baby but she gradually started to lose weight and had difficulty eating in the past month.

This prompted both Lo and his wife to admit her baby to the hospital immediately. 

Message from the father Mr Lo:

“We knew of her condition when my wife was five months pregnant with Joelle, that she had hypoplastic right heart. We had an option to terminate or continue. We felt her kicking and decided to keep her,” the 42-year-old said. However, doctors told us about the four operations that Joelle will need to endure before she was five years old. She has undergone two operations now and this one will be an emergency when she was showing symptoms of heart failure,” he added.

Joelle has been in the intensive care unit since June 13, so that the doctors can monitor her conditions closely.

She is being aided in her breathing and fed intravenously.

I've decided to quit my job earlier this year after i received a transfer offer to Johor in order to take care of Joelle.

Members of public who wished to donate towards the surgery and medical cost of Joelle Lo Rene’s operations may do so via The Giving Bank. 

Mr Lo and Family would like to sincerely thank all the donors for showing love and support to his baby Joelle.

Starting Date
Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Ending Date
Thu, 27 Jul 2017