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Kinara Project IIUM

Kinara Project IIUM

The price of living is giving. It is kind of breathtaking and rewarding to watch charity and kindness can together to change the world. Even for a little amount, it can make a big difference. KINARA TEAM is always dreaming about building a better place for everyone to live.

KINARA is an abbreviation for Kampung Iban Kuala Nansang Outreach. The major problem of this village is because it is located in a rural and under-developed area and it is quite far from town which takes around an hour to travel by transportation. Plus, the public transportation is not easily accessible there. Because of this insufficient resources and facilities, the villagers are quite difficult to follow-up, equip and expose themselves with the current development.  This project is bound to happen from 20th June until 30th June 2018. Coincidently, it will also fall in the month of Eid-ul Fitr. The duration of this project lasts for 10 days. During the 10 days, we will have many activities.

Therefore, we intend to conduct this project annually in order to ensure its sustainability and efficiency. Holistically, the team aspires to achieve the following objectives:

- To build a strong rapport and discuss future undertakings between volunteers, villagers, and collaborators.

- To develop sustained collaboration, partnerships as well as new alternatives to be involved to empower villagers in many aspects.

- To develop and plan out projects on the basis of community service, higher education, and healthcare.

- To enrich the good practices among the villagers and encourage them to practice it in their daily life.

Based on these aspirations, we have designed and systemized our activities and modules for this first series through the essence of community service, education engagement, healthy lifestyle and religious enhancement.

Among the activities planned are a foster family program, peers tutoring, fun learning, health screening, gotong-royong of prayer spaces, religious classes, sports day, cultural exchange night and etc. These activities that have been planned is to be done according to the needs of the community in Kampung Iban Kuala Nansang. 


Being charitable and kind toward others is a spiritual asset that makes us believe each and every one of us is capable to contribute in community building. One of the ways is contributing and investing some of your time and small finance to be part of our KINARA PROJECT.

Starting Date
Mon, 4 Jun 2018
Ending Date
Sat, 30 Jun 2018