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MBCS Charity Lunch

MBCS Charity Lunch

An eldercare trust fund raising project, organised by Malaysian Buddhist Cooperative Society (MBCS), and supported by The Giving Bank, Ministry of Cooperative and a team of volunteers who have once lost their loved ones and appreciate the importance of caregiving.

MBCS mission is to connect 200 old folks from various PJ/KL old folks homes during this Chinese New Year charity lunch to give them a ‘family reunion’ opportunity so MBCS can raise funds to support its caregiving activities ranging from ‘stay active’ day care programs, to ‘stay independent’ senior care programs, and grant an elderly an aspiration/wish programs nominated by the public or members.

One of the key factors of longevity among the senior community is social interaction and friendship during good times. However, during bad times, some families may go through ageing and death crisis. That is why MBCS volunteers and members are given the opportunity to be trained by professionals to take their time off to provide social and professional caregiving services to this underserved community of elderly people who are suffering from loneliness, depression or chronic illnesses like cancer, diabeties etc.

Our target fund raising goal marked at RM2,000 with:

1. For our day care program volunteers who will be serving Loke Yew King George V Day Care Center

2. For our senior care programs held in our cooperative that runs expert sessions on helping members to stay independent so seniors’ younger generation can have more time to focus on their livelihood

3. To help grant elderly who are 50 years and above with life threatening or chronic illnesses to have their lifetime aspirations/wishes fulfilled before their last moments, which is not limited to medical/funeral expenses, but also activities that can inspire them to let go of ‘unfinished business’ and live a meaningful life.

If the project fails to reach the targeted goal, we will still pursue the mission together with our social enterprise partners who will contribute the profit generated from their professional caregiving business to help this good cause. If the organiser chooses to call off the whole project due to any failure or such reasons, full refunds will be made to our kind donors. Hence during the submission of donations, we seek all donors to submit valid and reachable details i.e., name, email and mobile.

Upon every donation made by the donors, there will be an automated official receipt given, followed by a full project report which will be given at the end of the project cycle.

We hope for all your love and care for these deserving old folks and for your everlasting kind support. May you always be well and happy!

Starting Date
Tue, 30 Jan 2018
Ending Date
Sat, 31 Mar 2018