Financial Aid for Puan Rokiah

Financial Aid for Puan Rokiah

Puan Rokiah age 61, a patient suffering from elephantiasis (leg swollen). Finding it hard to treat her leg due to low finance. Doctors advised that she needs to get a customize shoe immediately to prevent both her legs from being disabled. A loving mother of 5 children. 2 of which are working as low income wagers and 3 that are still in school. Husband age 70, is a retired ex-goverment officer but only has a retired fund of RM200 monthly. The Giving Bank came in to help. We solicited funds and bought her the custom made shoes. A very happy and fruitful project. We hope that her condition will improve and that she will not loose her leg.

Starting Date
Wed, 1 Mar 2017
Ending Date
Thu, 6 Apr 2017