Help Furnish School

Help Furnish School

When we read or hear about schools, the first thing that comes to mind is classrooms with desks and a welcoming ambience for the students as well as passers byers in a large playing field and campus. Unfortunately for these children in a rural area located in Sabah, they not only have a very small area provided to them for a make shift school, but also have no standard facilities provided to them. Students, sit on the floors, read, write, learn, and even eat on the floors as they have no desks or chairs as a standard school would.

Current Capacity : 18 children, 1 teacher and 1 care taker.

The Giving Bank is stepping in to help furnish this learning center for 18 children in Tadika Tabung Harapan Bongkol located in Pitas, Sabah with 6 tables and 20 chairs to create a warmer and more enticing environment for these eager students.

If you wish to support this charitable project, please pledge your donations. We thank you with a sincere heart.


Starting Date
Mon, 6 Nov 2017
Ending Date
Fri, 10 Nov 2017