A) We are in the process of building an app which will enable our fundraisers to create, manage and edit their pages more easily via their phones. We’ll let you know when it’s ready! In the meantime, our website has been fully optimised for all devices so you can view and interact with our pages via your mobile or tablet. This includes being able to make donations and create fundraising pages.

A) YES WE ARE, but we charge a small percentage of service charges. The small OPEX enables us to invest in development and grow our support team to help our partners get online to fundraise.

Above all, please know that you’re connecting with a very passionate team here, not some evil, profit-hungry corporate looking for a quick buck…

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us as we’re always happy to talk about what we do and why we believe in our work.

A) Thegivingbank.com is currently based in Malaysia, we will be fully focusing on the campaigns in Malaysia only for the time being, until our team expands it to other countries.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your region.

A) Unlike traditional methods, online fundraising is cost-effective and does not require a lot of resources.

Nonprofits and corporates can register with thegivingbank.com for free, there are no upfront costs or long term contracts, just a transparent fee structure on gross donations (borne by the nonprofit).
Here’s a breakdown:

  • – thegivingbank.com operational expenditures (OPEX): 5.5%
  • – Marketing fee: 5%
  • – Development fee: 5%
  • – MOLPay transaction fee: 2.5% plus a per transaction fee of approx. 60 cents


This small service charge means we can maintain and grow an exceptional team of relationship managers and developers to help our nonprofits fundraise more and maximise their online fundraising. TheGivingBank.com team consists of experts in their fields – from sales and marketing, to fundraising and nonprofit management, to technology and development. We aim to set the bar in online fundraising in Asia and we offer exceptional support resources and training. Every cent we earn through our operational expenditure (OPEX) is ploughed back into making our fundraising website the best you will find in Asia.

A) The Giving Bank holds the rights to all disbursement control.

A) Upon the closure of each campaign, The Giving Bank will normally take 3-7 working days to disburse the cash.

A) If it is not cash related, i.e. purchases or in kind donation, The Giving Bank will take 7-14 working days. This will allow more time to perform the necessary preparations or purchases.


A) Donors will not have the choice to choose currency when they are donating to the charity. The currency will be chosen by the organisation.

A) The Giving Bank charges an inclusive 18% operational expenditure fee (OPEX), where the OPEX is invested in payment gateway transaction fees, our admin, our technology and support services to deliver a world-class local solution for our charity partner.

A) You have submited your donation, but you are not sure whether your donation was a success?

Once you have made the donation, you will receive a confirmation of your donation via email which will state all the details regarding your donation/transaction.

But if you did not receive any confirmation email, we will need you to check your credit card not note any charges relating to your donation. If there are, please inform us immediately and our Tech Team will look into it.

A) Here is the scenario you are currently encountering:

You intended to donate to your friends Fundraising page, however you realise you have made a mistake to donate to a different page or a person.

Please do not worry –  we can help you. All we need is complete details and information, as listed below:

  • 1. Donation confirmation. (Once you have made a donation, you will receive a confirmation via email)
  • 2. Link to the page you donated to and the link to the page you want to donate to.


Please take note that the changes will take place within 7 working days

Thegivingbank.com will process refunds on donations where technical faults or errors occur. Requests for refunds must be made via lodging a support ticket within 7 days of the transaction.

Refunds of Donations for any other reason, and after 7 days of transaction, are at the sole discretion of the beneficiary and are not the responsibility of thegivingbank.com. As such, requests must be made directly with the beneficiary in question.

Transaction charges for refunds may apply.

Here are a few examples!

Scenario A

You receive two transaction confirmations and realise that the donation has been processed twice. You lodge a ticket with the support crew @ thegivingbank.com, provide the transaction receipt numbers and explain that you only intended to donate once. We feel you… and are able to successfully reverse one transaction because you notified us immediately and the transaction was not yet remitted to the amazing beneficiary you are trying to support. Job Well Done.

Scenario B

You watch a video on thegivingbank.com Donation Appeal page and are moved to tears by what you see. Caught in the moment, you are inspired to make a donation to the beneficiary. You’re AMAZING. A few weeks later you read about another amazing cause that you want to support instead. So you contact thegivingbank.com to get a refund on the donation you made earlier in the month. Sorry Change-Maker… the much needed donation has already been remitted to the beneficiary and we cannot refund due to a change of heart.

A) Absolutely! Our platform is the safest for you to make donation to your chosen charity cause whether you make via ‘Master Card’, ‘Visa’ or through MOL Pay because transactions are processed using SSL encryption to protect you.

A) Great News! Yes, now we are now offering donors the ability to donate via online banking with more than one provider to choose from.

**Only applicable to Malaysia donors

A) Did you know that online fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways to support a nonprofit? thegivingbank.com charges a small OPEX on gross donations plus banking charges of 2.5% through MOLPay, who we currently use to securely process donations.

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